Our principles stand for a holistic approach which puts the sustainability of the success of your change project first.

Based on systemic consulting, we focus on the company or the process as a whole (thus not on isolated elements) in all aspects of our change consulting. Facilitation and craftsmanship are the cornerstones for our process consulting. Attentiveness towards the process and mindfulness towards all stakeholders involved are as important as a solid and professional handling.


Systemic Consulting makes basic assumptions about organizations and how people interact with each other:

We understand organizations as networks of conversations, interactions and decisions. What is seen and perceived in and outside the organization depends on what people talk about. Words make worlds – and making new distinctions and developing new ways of speaking enables change on all levels of the organization.

We believe that reality is a social construct and people live in communication. In order to move an organization and people forward all stakeholders need to develop a new and shared understanding.

Information lies in the difference and the acceptance for the multi-verse of perspectives. This is the starting point for a process of collective sense-making which enables new possibilities and potentials to emerge.

Language contains moral order and in changing conversations we change the norms and values which guide our interactions. Through changing words, we change worlds. Successfully and sustainably.

As trainers and facilitators we actively contribute to the constant development of systemic tools. We have our roots in the systemic environment of the Heidelberg systemic group (Zentrum für systemische Forschung und Beratung) – and since many years we also have been cooperating with systemic oriented organizations like Systemisches Institut Kassel, Institut für systemische Impulse Berlin, and Simon, Weber and Friends.


Mindfulness and awareness for the process, for other persons and for oneself is one of the cornerstones of our approach. Being present in the moment enables us to identify problems as they arise and dissolve disturbances and irritations early in the process.

This enables us to focus on strengths, resources and emergent possibilities and to provide consulting services which take the whole picture into account and build appreciatively on what is already there.



The aim of our facilitation practice is to create a space in which topics can be addressed and consensus can be reached. With our methods and experience in steering this process we strive for a maximum of participation of all stakeholders concerned. By involving the creative potential and resources of the whole system, good and sustainable solutions can be found.

We support this process with an appropriate visualisation of central points, contentious issues, options for decisions and actions. The “speaking” visualisation is part of our basic tool case.

Furthermore we believe that highly efficient workshops start before the actual meeting and strive for transparency for all parties involved in the preparation and ensure a thorough but pragmatic planning process.

A professional post-processing of the workshop results ensures a swift translation of agreement into action.


We understand the implicit dynamics of organizational change and keep track of the relevant factors. For each project we build a process architecture which takes into account the particularities of the situation and accounts for the whole process – not just isolated events and workshops.

Throughout the process, we keep an eye on all stakeholders and identify the key players – decision makers and informal opinion leaders – to ensure their integration into the process.

This tailor made approach is designed to carry the organization through the whole process and to make the most out of existing expertise, interests and resources.


Everything we do is based on a sound craftsmanship and mastery of the tools and methods of change management and process consulting. Professional skills are the basis of our work.

We prepare and post-process your events professionally and provide high quality materials in our trainings and workshops. The visualisation of new ideas as well as the fast documentation of the results are standards of our work.