Ute Clement @ Kongress Mentales Stärken

On the November 03 Ute Clement hold a workshop on „Differences as resources — creating a solution trance in international teams: Oh, that’s different, tell me more about it…“

Together with the participants Ute discussed how to shift an irritation due to cultural differences to a resource. Instead of focusing on those differences, and thereby creating a „problemtrance“ and interfering a good collaboration, we should use them to our advantage. Studies have shown that international teams tend to be overly creative, and to excel at problem solving if they are able to profit by their differences. Ute Clement demonstrated, using examples as these, how mutual interest can be reached through relevant cultural dimensions. Use your differences as joint resources!

You can find the handouts of the workshop here.

New book release - Beyond Storytelling

The book to the conference is released: Beyond Storytelling – Narrative Approaches and Story Work in Organizations. Many experiences of our work as consultants affected this book. Jacques Chlopczyk is the editor and among others there are contributions by Ute Clement, Simon Weber and him.

You can order the book here.

"Suffizienz" conference

When is “good” good enough? – The first conference on the topic “Suffizienz” will take place on February 22 + 23 2018.

Together with the Carl-Auer-Akademie and the Forschungsstätte der Evangelischen Studiengemeinschaft Ute Clement Consulting is organizing this conference.

Save the date: February 22 + 23 2018


The Story continues..
After the first edition of Beyond Storytelling in 2017 the conference will happen again in Hamburg next year.

Save the date: June 8 + 9 2018


Female Entrepreneurship Role Model

More female entrepreneurs for Germany – “FRAUEN unternehmen” (Women as entrepreneurs) is a new initiative of the Federal Ministery for Economic Affairs and Energy.

As chosen Female Entrepreneurship Role Model Ute Clement campaigns for female entrepreneurship.



(E)merging Differences.
How to Handle Intercultural Business Situations
Ute Clement

ISBN 978-3-8497-8006-7

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Kon-Fusionen. Über den Umgang mit interkulturellen Business-Situationen
Ute Clement

Prefaces by Corinna Refsgaard
and Fons Trompenaars

ISBN 978-3-89670-767-3  

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Handbuch Interkulturelle Öffnung
Elisabeth Vanderheiden /
Claude-Hélène Mayer (Eds.)

ISBN 978-3-525-40361-7

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Vom Drachen zum Panda – Führen, Lehren und Lernen im modernen China
Brigitte Ott-Göbel

ISBN 978-3-902155-21-4

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Beyond Storytelling – Narrative Ansätze und die Arbeit mit Geschichten in Organisationen
Jacques Chlopczyk

ISBN 978-3-662-54157-9

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Sorry, so far most of our publications are in German only

Interkulturelle Öffnungsprozesse in der Wirtschaft
Ute Clement.

In: Elisabeth Vanderheiden, Claude Hélène Mayer (Hrsg.) Handbuch Interkulturelle Öffnung. Grundlagen, Best Practice, Tools. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1. Aufl. 2014, ISBN 978-3-647-40361-8, S. 297–309, Best Practice S. 522–524.  
> Download Flyer (PDF)

Consulting and training in an international environment – reflections, best practices and lessons learnt
Ute Clement, Gerhard Krejci
 // Presented at the 4th International Conference on Management Consulting.

“The Changing Paradigm of Consulting”
. Academy of Management, IFF-Faculty for Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Klagenfurt
, Wien, Mai 2009
> Download (PDF)

Beratung virtueller Teams im interkulturellen Kontext
Ute Clement, Gerhard Krejci

Ein Bericht aus der Praxis
> Download (PDF)

Interkulturelles Training
Ute Clement, Ulrich Clement

erschienen in: “Personalmanagement in Europa”,
 Erika Regnet, Laila Maija Hofmann, Hogrefe-Verlag, 2000
> Download (PDF)

“Systemisch interkulturell beraten – Internationale Fahrzeugprojekte in der DaimlerChrysler AG”
Ute Clement, Bettina Nemeczek

erschienen in: “Interkulturelles Management”,
 Rolf-Dieter Reineke, Christine Fussinger, Betriebswirtschaftlicher Verlag Dr. Th. Gabler GmbH, 2001

Interkulturelles Coaching
Ute Clement, Ulrich Clement

erschienen in: “Interkulturelles Lernen/Interkulturelles Training”,
 Klaus Götz, Rainer Hampp Verlag, 2000
> Download als PDF)

Mythos Kultur
Ute Clement, Bettina Nemeczek

erschienen in der Zeitschrift OrganisationsEntwicklung 4/2000
© Zeitschrift OrganisationsEntwicklung
> Download (PDF)

Ute Clement, Ulrich Clement

erschienen in: Familiendynamik 3, 2001, 253-274
> Download (PDF)

Lernen am Unterschied
Ute Clement, Corinna Refsgaard

erschienen in der Zeitschrift OrganisationsEntwicklung 1/2003
© Zeitschrift OrganisationsEntwicklung
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Kulturelle Veränderungen in internationalen Organisationen
Ute Clement

Talk at SIETAR Germany Regional Meeting, Frankfurt am Main, October 17th, 2016
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