As executive coaches, we accompany and support executives in transitions and guide you as a  sparring partner for your professional development. Based on your personal and professional background, we support you in developing resources for addressing your challenges.

For example, we support executives in their first 100 days after taking up a new position within the organization. We also coach international assignments – those who are either coming to Germany or leaving for an engagement abroad.


In a world of permanent transformation, change is a part of everyday life. Corporate success depends on the capability to constantly shape and reshape processes and structures to build strategic alignment across stakeholders.

We support your change projects through the development of an architecture which enables to steer, monitor and communicate the process. Based on our experience we develop tailor-made platforms for interaction and communication. While focusing on all stakeholders and the whole system we make key interactions impact your change effort.

We know the emotional side of change, too. Resistance and feelings of anger and frustration are part of the process. We acknowledge those emotions as a resource and leverage this energy in the process.


Culture eats strategy for breakfast. We all might know this quote attributed to Peter Drucker. Integration projects are not always about processes and bringing the roles together. You need people interacting with people. Regardless of the background of an integration project we see change consulting as the enabler of success for all stakeholders involved. We support large-scale organizations from analyzing the change requirements, design and initiate change activities to establish sustainable solutions.

Our slogan “Passion for Change” stands for our expertise in change consulting and supporting organizations in managing transitions. In close collaboration with adjoining functions, e. g. HR and communication, we design and execute project architectures which integrate strategic and business expectations.

We also have the necessary psychological background to deal with the upcoming uncertainties. You can benefit from our experience with formats for transitions which match the needs of the people in the organization.