Workshops are an effective means to facilitate group decisions, to understand and address complex topics and to build consensus and commitment. With our tools and competence, we provide the structure and support so that you can focus solely on the topic.

Based on an initial clarification of the scope and goals of the workshop we develop a tailor-made workshop design. We create a framework in which a consensus can be reached even on controversial topics.

Our tools and competence make it possible to find a shared prioritization of topics and to develop suitable options for action. Even in complicated situations we succeed in building bridges and mediate between supposedly irreconcilable interests. We support you with a feeling for group dynamics and a love for professional facilitation – from the efficient and effective planning to a transparent documentation.


The era of the lonely heroes at the top of the organizational pyramid is history and most of the recent challenges and tasks are solved in teams. For excellent teamwork a consensus on shared duties, responsibilities and roles is needed.

We provide team building for management and project teams as well as for line managers and their teams. We believe that a shared understanding of the context in which the team operates is the basis for the development of trust and strong interpersonal ties in a team.

We create a balance between a factual and an interpersonal level and introduce adequate interventions to the group process at the right time.

Team development can be necessary in different situations: formation of new teams, for example following a merger or changes in leadership and staff, new challenges and tasks in a team, conflict situations or annual meetings. We have the experience and the fitting ideas for every situation!


Change often involves the need to acquire new competence. With our custom-made training concepts we support all stakeholders in acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary to make the next step.

We never see trainings as isolated measures but as a contribution and important part of a change process. The acquisition of new competences needs time and a context which emphasizes the need for the learning process for everyone involved.

We have a solid track record in delivering trainings on such topics as emotional intelligence for managers to lead and work across cultures and remote teams.


Project steering and monitoring are part of our core competence. We consult and form projects and meetings effectively with a good preparation, visualization, documentation and follow-up/post-processing. We are familiar with agile teams and are used to support teams in digital transformation processes.

We plan and facilitate your project meetings and support you in making them a success in every respect.


In times of virtual teams, global business and flexible working arrangements face time becomes even more valuable. To leverage the value of having “the whole system” in the room we devise innovative solutions which make it possible to build common ground, to innovate and mobilize for action effectively and efficiently.

Change processes and project kick-offs gain speed and sustainability. The dynamics of the organization and its environment becomes visible. Complex processes and dynamics become tangible and a shared understanding and commitment emerges.

We provide full support for your meetings and conferences – from innovative concepts to facilitation and documentation of the event. We combine tools and methods from whole system approaches to strategic gaming and design thinking to create an inspiring environment which builds sustainable understanding and commitment.


Videoconferencing systems, social business networks and presentation software revolutionize the way in which work gets done in organizations. We support you in organizing your virtual environment and support you to tap the full potential of these new forms of collaboration.

We design custom-made training programs for the development of virtual working and accompany executives, teams and staff members on their way to the virtual organization. We mastermind targeted consulting services on all levels: from the provision of virtual learning environments to the pre- and post-processing of the training.

Our range of virtual consulting services includes workshops, focus groups and trainings – even when the participants are not at the same location.


We accompany and support executives in transition periods and are sparring partners regarding your professional development. Based on your personal and professional background, we support you in developing resource oriented, realistic options for addressing your challenges.

Thereby we rely on our own practical experience in organizations, our know-how from the field of systemic consulting as well as our long-term experience in coaching of executives and teams. We know the challenges that managers of all levels have to face from our own first-hand experience.

Services include the support of executives in the first 100 days after taking up a new position within the organization and the coaching of international delegates – who are either coming to Germany or leaving for an assignment abroad.