In a world of permanent transformation change is a part of everyday life. Corporate success depends on the capability to actively shape and reshape processes and structures and to build strategic alignment across stakeholders rapidly and efficiently.

We support your strategic initiatives, integration processes (PMI) and change projects through the development of a viable and efficient architecture which enables to steer, monitor and communicate the process.

Based on our experience we develop tailor-made platforms and forums for interaction and communication. Keeping an eye on all stakeholders and the whole system we make key interactions happen to feed-forward your change effort.

We know the emotional side of change too. Resistance and feelings of anger and frustration are part of the process. We acknowledge those emotions as a resource and leverage this energy in the process.

Put us to the test!


Culture eats strategy for breakfast..We all might know this quote attributed to Peter Drucker. Integration projects are not always about processes and bringing the functions together. You need people meeting people. Regardless of the background of an integration project we see change as the enabler of success for all stakeholders involved. We have more than 25 years of experience in supporting large-scale organizations from analyzing the change support, conception and initiation of change activities to establishing sustainable solutions.

Our slogan “Passion for Change” stands for our expertise in change consulting and supporting organizations in managing transitions. In integration projects we see change consulting as a bridge builder for all relevant stakeholder groups. In close collaboration with adjoining entities, e.g. HR and communication, we design and execute project architectures which integrate strategic and business expectations.

We also have the necessary psychological expertise to deal with the upcoming uncertainties. You can benefit from our expertise and experience with formats for transitions which match the needs of the people in the organization.


Change often happens in a complex organizational and business environment in which different projects, initiatives and development overlap. With our expertise we build project architectures that take the different dynamics and communication measures into account. We support you in steering through complexity.

The combination of business know-how, communication and change consulting expertise is the basis of our complementary consultancy. We connect business-related “hard factors” and “soft factors” of the organization with the right tools and a good sense of timing.

We ensure that the transformation of organizational structures and individual roles is closely linked to the goals, projects and initiatives of your company.


In every project phase we think and act in an intercultural way. Cultural differences go beyond obvious national and regional distinctions and based on our experience with international companies, we help you to identify culture specific dynamics which are relevant for your project and thus solve possible conflicts.

Effective transcultural leadership and cooperation often needs an intensive learning process. Therefore we provide support on every level: from organizational diversity programs to the development and training of international teams and individual support for leaders and employees.

Benefit from our long-term experience in consulting internationally operating companies!


Working in virtual teams is firmly anchored in everyday organizational routines. Yet, building strong relations and effective processes at a distance remains challenging.

We support management and project teams who face the challenge of a globalized world. Based on our systemic consulting approach we focus on the special team dynamics, organizational conditions and intercultural topics which make remoteness a special challenge. Based on an initial diagnosis we assess the current status and develop customized programs based on our experience in supporting virtual teams to operate effectively – offline and online.

Our methods provide support throughout the entire process: the selection of the right communication technologies, architecture and facilitation of virtual and presence meetings, providing helpful tools and best practices.


Leaders in the 21st century face the challenge to guide an increasingly diversified workforce through a rapidly changing business environment in which the old rules of the game are no longer valid.

The capacity to inspire, direct and motivate individuals and teams in times of change complements the capacity to steer and manage business processes. Leadership emerges at the intersection of personal profile, leadership role and organizational culture.

Our leadership development approach goes beyond classical trainings: leadership has a cultural and systemic component which has to be identified, reflected on and consciously designed to connect leaders with their strengths and resources. We promote and facilitate a positive, collaborative leadership approach suited for the challenges of today and tomorrow.