Tailored to Your Future

Tailored to Your Future

Business Coaching

“I desire change”

Transition coaching: You have taken on a new executive function and are now asking yourself how to organise the first 100 days. What will be your focus? What obstacles are there? I will support you in developing your roadmap using environment analysis, defining areas of conflict, and clarifying any of your questions.

You find yourself in the middle of a crisis or desire professional re-orientation. You would like to change but aren’t quite sure yet which direction you want to go. Together we will develop your target range, look at your strengths and learning fields, and thus we will work out your course of action.

You desire someone to accompany you in your leadership experience. How may you expand your leadership competencies; how may you have a meaningful impact? You would like to have a look at your situation outside of your day-to-day business at regular intervals. I offer you this safe space of reflection where you can develop new viewpoints and options for action.

How do we do it?

After an initial meeting to get to know each other, and to talk about the goals you want to achieve and how you want to achieve them we’ll have virtual or face-to-face consultations. We’ll schedule our sessions individually, however, a 4-6 week cycle has proven to be very efficient. The duration of each session varies between 1-3 hours.

Why have Ute Clement as your coach?

My leadership experience with an international automobile corporation as well as my international consulting projects have equipped me with experience and knowledge about organisational processes. I have worked as a project manager internationally, and I know about every possible complexity and dynamic.

Among other things, I focus on intercultural communication, so you may also depend on my expertise when working with international teams or assignments.

I can boast profound business knowledge in a variety of different sectors.

Choosing me as your coach means that you will not only get a personal perspective, but also business, sector, and organisational related expertise and experience. This is what sets me apart from most other coaches.


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#36 Ute Clement & Antje Tschira – Teams, Organisations, Leadership: Profit and Non-Profit

Encouraging Women

Coaching for Women in Business

So much still remains not self-evident.

Despite the ongoing discussion about equal opportunities for women in business, and a number of programmes to support them over an extended period of time, there still are lots of traps for women ready to snap.

This is partly due to general structures (men tend to choose other men who resemble themselves), perceptions, and beliefs (e.g. that you cannot conduct management part-time). However, internal attitudes (e.g. I’m not sure whether I will be able to master this task) are also to blame.

All of the above we can discuss and work on. I’m all about encouraging and strengthening you. And, of course, to create a good way of working together with men.

During my role in a leading position and my many years of experience in consulting, I supported and accompanied many women while at the same time I have continuously battled with myself and have evolved. Many of these stories I have collected and put down in my book: “Women Are the Better Leaders”. To support each other is what it’s all about, so we may find a suitable path to accommodate all: Goals, wishes, and demands. How to achieve that is something that we will work on together,

Gender matters.


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# Book: “Women Are the Better Leaders”

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Buch: „Frauen führen besser“

Perception Advice for Men (and Women)


Change Projects

Consulting and Concept

Together with my team at Ute Clement Consulting, I’ve had the privilege and joy to gather an abundance of experience in international change projects. This experience I am now able to include during consultations with you about your own change projects. How do I create a change architecture? How do I direct consultants? How can I move forward with my team? All of those questions I am happy to discuss with you.

In recent years, I was able to keep gaining more and more experience in working with NGOs and foundations. I’m also happy to support you with any questions you may have in this area.

Ute Clement

How do we work?

We will work out solutions together. Based on my many years of experience as a project manager with international projects, leadership role, and consultant we will navigate all topics together. We will put both hand tools and intellectual framework to work, agree on substages, and reflect on what has already been achieved.

A typical course of action in a coaching session:

In a first meeting coach and coachee get to know each other. The coachee explains their request. Together we will outline goals, manner (in-person/online), and extent of our coaching. Then the coaching process begins.

First-Class References

We’ll support you in shaping your future.

„Passion for Change“